Place imported SVG based on document size, not outter bounds of objects within the document

Not sure if you’d call this a bug or a feature request. I’m a Carvey owner and am using Easel, and I use Inkscape. My workflow is to create a custom sized 12" x 8" document In Inkscape, and then add objects I wish to carve.

What I’ve found is that Easel will import the SVG, but will then will use the bounds of the objects, not the document’s bounds, for the grouping and placement of the imported objects.

For example, to repro:

  1. run Inkscape
  2. create a 12" x 8" document
  3. add two small circles in the middle of the document
  4. save the document
  5. run Easel
  6. import the SVG

Results: The SVG is imported, and the Easel project has two circles in it, but the circles are positioned towards the bottom left of the board, not in the center.

Expected: I expected them to be either in the center, or pretty close to the center.

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I’ve noticed similar behavior (using Illustrator instead of Inkscape) and what I did to fix it is after import with everything still selected, you can go to the shape properties, click the button to move the anchor/reference point to the center and enter in the midpoint values from your Inkscape design. In your example, you’d enter in 6 and 4. Easel by default has the lower left corner as the reference point and sets that to be 0,0.

I think the bigger issue is that I’m not so sure that SVG, as a format/standard, actually stores/retains document bounds. I use SVGs for another piece of design software and it does similar when importing.

SVG, as a format/standard, actually stores/retains document bounds

It does, and it’s easy to verify. SVG is just a superset of XML, which is just a text document, so you can open it up in any texteditor. Open one up and take a look. (opening up a SVG in an editor is also handy when you want to tweak or repair a file).

If you are on Windows, I recommend Notepad++ as it is free and has some good XML editing tools. If you are on a Mac, then I suggest Sublime Text (which also exists for Windows)