Planet Gears

Is there someone that can explain how to create planet gears with the gears app ?

O.K. waited all day and no one else is trying to answer so here is my best shot.

Use the gear app and create a set of gears that are the same. these will be your intermediate gears. you will need three to four of these.

Use the gear app to make a larger gear with double the count of teeth and set dowel to zero (0) so that there is no axle hole. . this will be your outer gear. when made click on outline then click on outside.

Use the gear app to create a center gear that is half the size of the intermediate gears this will be placed in the exact centre.

edit: you will need to delete and copy paste gears after they are made as needed to get rid of dowels extra gears etc.
If anyone knows of a better way please chime in.

good find RobertCanning.