Planing bit suggestions

Going to be looking at adding a MDF top to my waste board, wondering what you all have for suggestions for a planing bit to level the surface after its fastened down?

This thread discusses that.

I got my surfacing bit from Amazon for $25. Not unreasonable for a bit, although it’s not the $5 bit I keep seeing pop up in these forums. :smile:

Your video was actually what made me want to do this! Thanks for all the great info you produce on your YouTube channel.

When you surfaced your waste board what was your feed rate and dewalt rpm settings at?

This one seems pretty similar for a little bit less.

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I’m glad it helped inspire you! I leveled the wasteboard with .050 depth of cut, 40 ipm, and Dewalt set to 3. I probably could have gone faster and saved time, but I figure messing this up will affect every other cut. Better to go a little slow and get it perfect the first time. :smile: