Planing surfaces feature? or do I have to roll my own?

So I make my own machinable wax ( 4 parts parffin 1 part LPDE plastic) and it machines great and if I mess up I just remelt and presto! back in action.

One big problem with home made wax is as it cools it will sink in the middle.

So I have to plain the surface at about 1/8 to 1/4" to make sure its flat for my carving. I flip over the block so that it now is bowed in the middle.

I’ll draw out in Easel say a rectangle @ 1/4".

When its carve time Easel will drag across to its calculated start point from my home point. Now its hard to tell the depths but it always digs right into the piece and I have to “fool” Easel into thinking the bit is lower than it is.

Be very cool ( for me) if Easel had a planing feature that allowed to start right at home and move back-and-forth to the end point rather than its calculated path as it does now.

I’m total new to CNC and I’m probably going to have to delve in to straight G-code. Is that something that I can do?

Wondering how others Plain the surfaces with Easel?