Planning Using a Gecko Controller?

Then you know (or will soon know) about the need for a current set resistor. Typically these are soldered inside of the DB9 connector that connects to the G540. Well, thanks to @RolandoMagsino who pointed out this nifty gadget that will allow you to dial in your current set resistance to your stepper motor’s spec. Too late for me… but thought it might help people exploring the Gecko.

There are lots of other cool items on this site as well.

I wish I had those years ago when I was setting up my 540s. I do have to change the length of wire that are on the stepper motors that I will be using on my machine. I may have to think about using these for that.


As it is, I didn’t have 1/4 watt resistors… so I am using 1/8. I know, I know… asking for trouble.

And with Radio Shack going bankrupt, there is no easy way to get what you need. Digikey website is a pain to find what you need with the 10 million part numbers they have.


Exactly. Or you can go to Amazon and order a half million resistors to get the four you need.

I sure wish Amazon would take PayPal. I have money in my account that I can not use on PP. :frowning:


Tried Mouser? A bit better search/filtering IMO.