Plasma cutter x carve?

Has anyone hooked up a plasma cutter up to the x carve yet?

There was a guy selling a plasma cutting head for the Shapeoko a while back: but the shop is closed.

The exposed belts and rails aren’t well-suited for anything involving molten metal though.

Thanks for your response. Its good to hear that someone has at least tried it. I was thinking if I rigged up a wire brush fence around the plasma cutting head to catch the sparks and replace the waste board with a steel grate over a wet bath and try to cover the belts and anything plastic or rubber it might keep it intact. Either way its still worth every penny.

The shop had a photo, and the Wasteboard was replaced w/ a metal grate, w/ the note that it was to be operated over water or some other liquid.

Unfortunately it didn’t make it to the Wayback Machine.