Plastic exterior experiment

I was given a .75" thick piece of exterior siding to carve on. I am not disappointed. Now I need to look into cost per foot.


that looks pretty clean!

That look’s great, how long did it take to carve?

Is it PVC?

Sorry for the delay - solid PVC fencing from Menards. Its paintable also. Used a .125 ball nose to finish it and it took about 2 hours. It’s pretty hard material to the touch and I thought I might break a bit. But i was surprised how easy it cut. I need to get the price per foot. It also comes in brown.

I use a .5mm dia ball nose bit for carving aluminum and it doesn’t break. So I think it can do PVC with ease.
Did you use any air jet to keep the top from clogging/heating?

No air jet system. I didn’t know it was pvc until this morning after the cut.