Plastic for locker sign suggestions

I’m looking to make name plates for some lockers. The ones we have now have a yellow top layer with a black bottom layer. The yellow gets carved out exposing the black and making the letters. Does anyone have a good source for this plastic? I haven’t been able to track any down yet. Bonus points if the supplier is in Canada! Attached is what we are trying to duplicate.

Perhaps contact these guys:

Or call these guys and ask:

If it’s a one-off, I’ve found it’s wildly more cost effective to buy a sheet of 1/16" colored plasic and spray paint an even coating to mill through.

Have a look for Traffolyte. It is (or was) a product out of the UK but the name seems to be applied to multi layer plastic sheet for engraving.

Why not try Inventables?

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If love to get it from Inventables but the shipping, duty and exchange would make the $14 piece arrive at my door for $50. We are in Canada and our dollar is very weak against the US dollar right now.

Thanks to @earwigger for the canadianengravers site, I will call them in the morning. I could not think what the material was called and every search term I used came up with the wrong stuff.