Plastic rings on bits - Mine fell off and melted on my work!

I’m very new to X-carve and have been proto typing some ornaments and learning as I go. I have been experimenting using different bits and whilst cutting 6mm MDF using an upcut end mill bit, the plastic ring came down the shaft and onto the mdf causing the bit to swerve into my work - it would have been the perfect prototype! :wink: ! After stopping the machine and raising the router up the Z path, I discovered the plastic bit ingrained in the mdf. Comparing it with my other Inventable bits, it clearly had melted!

Has anyone else had their plastic colour rings fall off or melt away on their Inventables router bits? I’m wondering if I was supposed to remove them before use?

It sounds like you’ve exceeded the depth capability of the bit. The plastic ring should also be very close or touching the collet.

I thought that too but I was only cutting to 6mm depth and the plastic ring was way up past the cutting part of the bit.

I think I’ll be taking those rings off in future.

I don’t think they’re supposed to be removed? I’ve never taken them off but I have lost a few like you in the process. The bits don’t always have cutting edges running the full length of the bit. Maybe the Z axis was not properly set?

I had one fall off and I melted one due to improper Z Axis zero. The different colors help you identify the bit.