Play on the carriage (Z) how much?

In regards to the carriage How much play (wiggle) is too much? Should there be any at all? Moving it front to back or back to front has somewhat play in it. Should there be any? I don’t want to over tighten but before, I didn’t noticed when I changed bits or anything like that it had wiggle.What I’m asking is it suppose to be tight or have a little play?

Ideally, none. Realistically, a little. The more play you have, the less accurate your cuts are going to be, and the more chatter (and potential bit-breakage) you’re likely to suffer.

With the V-wheel setup and the flexibility of both the gantry and Y-rails, it’s basically impossible to get zero play (without some modifications). The trade-off is that tighter you set the V-wheels, the harder your steppers have to work to move everything, which can lead to missed steps.

Thank you I went ahead and tighten them down.