Playing with 3d

been playing with 3d and its pretty neat few things to adjust but overall im figuring it out here are my first two carves just in mdf to see if it worked then i do it on some real wood

the deer clock is quite big so it took some time but it cut out with no issues i did the heart one with the square backing and the deer directly cut out i have many more to do i need another x caarve i could keep them both running full time


great job

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These are amazing. Could you let me know which bits you used for each project?


Oh also where did you get your stl files ?


i purchased the files from etsy plain and easy the bits were 1/4 inch 2 flute for roughing and 1/8 ballnose bit both inventables bits


Thank you

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having a hard time finding files less than 100k

Hello Lonnie,
There are methods to reduce the file size.
One of the easiest ones of them is linked in the stl upload page, myminifactory, but that is limited to 200mb… options for shrinking larger films are blender and meshlab

These projects are so cool. I was messing around with some things with the new 3D feature, and have suggestions for future features. Im not entirely sure where to suggest them though - if anyone knows? One of the biggest suggestions I have, is being able to “pattern out” the STL files you upload, or get multiples on one workpiece so you can do batch projects. Its kind of annoying to have to restart the program after each piece despite it only being a few minute project.

Again, these carves are amazing! Its awesome that the 3D feature is now on Easel!


If you scroll to the top and select “forum” and then near the top there is a Button labeled " +New Topic" Select this and then set the category to “Easel Feature Requests” and that will go into a special category that the Easel Development team regularly check for new input from the user base :smiley: :+1:

(I am not a member of Inventables Staff otherwise I’d pass along the ideas)

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