Please add "Something Else" for Easel Z machine setup

I found out the hard way yesterday that while Easel machine setup does not change the steps/mm for X and Y, it does for Z. For those of us that upgraded to some other Z axis implementation that’s quite an issue. Please consider adding a "Something Else’ option to the Z axis screw selection pulldown and selecting this option leaves your Z steps/mm setting unchanged.

The only reason I was running the machine setup in the first place was that I replaced my Z touch probe with the Triquetra plate and wanted to change the setting for the probe plate thickness which cannot be changed except by running the machine setup. While I’m asking for things it would be great to add the ability to change that setting to the advanced settings screen.

It kills me to see a 30-day old post with nothing at all for a reply.

@Zach_Kaplan ? anybody?

like, a complimentary scripted response at least?

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Hey @ChristopherLathan this thread is for posting features but not really intended for discussion. Our product develop team monitors it to see what the community is interested in.

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I’ll admit that I was hoping for some acknowledgement that Inventables staff had seen the request and might be considering it. This thread might not be for full blown conversations, but making requests with no feedback whatsoever is just “praying”.

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@StevePrior The same thing bit me in the ■■■ last week. I’d also like to see some verbage that said something like “Downloading settings to controller”

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@StevePrior, this is my main issue with Easel. I have different probe tools and would like to use the different tools. But I can not do that machine setup every time. I think the main problem is that there is no way to change the thickness of the probe tool.

Since I have changed my Z axes with an 1204ballscrew, I can not run the probe cycle while I’m configurating the tool. The movements are not even close to my step/mm settings. This means, if the thickness is slightly off I have to start all over again.

It would be nice for a lot of people if there was a separate probe configurator without setting up the whole machine over and over again.


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I also have the Triquetra (which I LOVE), and agree it would be a nice feature.