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Here is information for installing a J-Tech laser on a Shapeoko 2.

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differently some handy tips there , but unfortunately it has step by step to wire into a Arduino Uno witch i will not be running anymore.

It’s not the Arduino that powers the motors. You could use the PiBot stepper drivers with the Arduino if you wanted to. The added current capability comes from the stepper driver, not the Arduino.

You would just change out the gShield.

The Arduino UNO does not power the steppers.

This is the question I answered. I have a Shapeoko 2 with nema 17’s and I can raster photo engrave with a 6W laser diode at a 200IPM confirmed feedrate. It’s still running the Arduino UNO & Gshield.

The PiBot cnc kit was cheaper and easier to purchase in a kit than to purchase the stepper drivers separately and then use the adruino.

I am well aware of this , I didn’t realise I had to explain my intentions of upgrading from the arduino UNO and g shield. I have mentioned above why just in case people wanted to know exactly why.

Good luck with it.

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