Please fix the tool path efficiency

i know the topic has been asked several times in this forum but for the love of god can you please get easel to make more efficient tool paths and not traverse the entire piece multiple times to finish a part of a cut. i’m paying for a “pro” version of easel yet i don’t feel i am getting a professional product

just looking at the tool path it created for my latest piece i would say at least 50% (if not more) of time spent is the bit going back and forth to the same location to finish a cut. and in some cases going back and forth from one corner of the piece to the other for tiny areas to finish


Amen, this was said to be improved upon on a recent update. Not much of an improvement if you ask me. The inefficiency is insane.


Agreed, a lot of unnecessary traveling wth

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Pro price for generic inefficient software.


I purchased Pro as-well but it was hopeless, I have changed over to CarveCo Maker and have no troubles doing any carve and creating except I need plus to make my own 3d but it handles any imported 3d designs I throw at it. I don’t have the problems with toolpaths with Maker. It does also work out a lower cost considering all that you get with it compared to Easel Pro

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I agree completely. Watching it go back and forth more than its cutting, is . . . . . . .frustrating at best.


I agree completely. The efficiency sucks! I hope someone addresses this and it doesn’t just go by the wayside.

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