Please Help before I go Nuts...Problem Connecting to xcarve

I have had an xcarve for the past 2 years i purchased it complete from a gentleman here in the uk …

Since this lockdown and losing my job i have been using the xcarve daily pottering on some project or another…

i have had no issues but due to being busy for the last 3 days i have not used the xcarve

i now turn it all on and it will not connect to xcarve, i have removed the drivers reinstalled the drivers etc etc but for some reason no joy

in device manager it comes up with unknown device… im guessing this is the device as it dissapears when the usb is unplugged…

i have the latest easel drivel installed any advice greatfully recieved

That’s strange. I had a similar issue once when I had Easel open in a different browser kind of hiding behind some tabs. That instance kept me from connecting.

Is the cable good? Have another to try? Our AV guy at work is always being given broken electronics and says most work fine after trying a new cable.

I had this issue and it turned out to be the incredibly poorly designed emergency stop. Whoever did this design needs to be taken into a field and throttled. In order to disengage the emergency stop you have to twist and pull up. Then my light came back on and voila it worked. As a product designer there are so many aspects to this machine that are incredibly poorly done. I’m really regretting this purchase.