Please help carving stops for no reason

For some reason when i do a two part over 3 or 4 hour carve it does great then gets one or two words from the end and just stops like its done. Short carves i don’t seem to notice it happening. I am at wits end, if you look at the preview is shows completing the whole thing and going back to home but it just stops. Then the screen come up asking how it went. I thought maybe the computer was going to sleep but when i come up to it the screen is still on. Please help with ideas, i am so tired of carving for 4 or 5 hours then have it ruined in the end. From what i have read in the help there is no way to resume the cut from where it stopped so you have to start all over and wait to see if its going to screw up again. Thanks in advance. i am using a 3018pro and slowing everything down.181936471_1424984497887713_4145872187434783042_n 181600723_330228591950623_3829617892387981764_n

Now i just noticed as i try to start it over i seem to have lost connection with the machine, all the connections are tight and everything is one, i am probably going to have to pull out the usb cable and plug it back in to reconnect. Guess i will try that.

I have this happen, and I have also stopped jobs on purpose. But what I do as long as it is not a 3D carve, is create a new file with the just the missing section and start from there.

I’ve had this happen too recently. What happens more often is that the machine will stop responding when I’m jogging it.