Please help I don't understand where is Z

Hi, I want to ask you a Q.
according to this I understand that I have to place 3 limit switches for each!?
but I’m confused with where to place limit switches, as 2 sides are Y and X is one with xCarige on, where exactly I can place one for Z??? why I need limit switch on each Y plate if there motors are wired together already?

I thought before that I place one on each left and right plates and x cariage one, am I wrong?

you place the x limit switch on x axis and the y switch on y axis and z switch on z axis motor plate. you need one for each axis not two on either axis. I am not using the limit switches as I do the homing on each job in Easel. there are few issues with automatic homing where the x carve recognises the x,y 00 and z hight.

I just found the place holes on Z plate.

See my answer to this question on another thread on the same subject.


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