Please help me (Missed step / cross-grain carving)

When the x carve is going across the grain of the wood I was using pine it jerks and goes off track like it hit a knot but theres no knot and when it goes back to the homing spot it’s a little to the left or right of where it started
I have replaced all of the spacer and made sure the belt was tight

Sounds like you are loosing steps. Your feedrate may be to fast or your depth per pass maybe to deep. When it goes back to zero and is not where it should be you have lost steps somewhere. Not sure how fast or deep you are cutting but you might try slowing down and you should not go any deeper then half the thickness of the bit.

Here lately I been using pine

If you are using Easels recomendation that should be slow enough. But for some reason you are loosing steps.

Does this only happen with a certain type of wood, or are you experiencing this with most materials? Agreed, you are losing steps somewhere.

Here lately I been using pine
Could it be the stepper motor

For this, I’m going to suggest searching the forums using “losing steps” and see if any of the other threads can help you. Many suggestions and answers have been talked about and might help you identify the problem quicker. This is what I would do, and that is why I’m’ suggesting it. Searching has helped me many times. I’ve even come across information I didn’t think I would need :slight_smile: