Please help! TB6600 wiring

Arduino directly wired to drivers.

Can I not just flip flop the g shield out for these?

You can use a g-shield (or cnc-shield) without the stepper drivers for this. The only signals you’ll need for the stepper drivers are STEP and DIRECTION.

I have been using the gshiels/arduino combo for a while now.

I’ve upgraded to larger nema 23s and need more power than the gshield can provide

Hence the need for bigger stepper motor drivers [quote=“NicholasRichards, post:1, topic:33068, full:true”]
I have done research on the forum, google, etc and can’t seem to find an easy to understand/wiring diagram on replacing g shield with tb6600 drivers.

I have 4 of these and wanted to see if anyone has an “idiot proof” wiring schematic.

I just wired a 60a sub panel into my house but can’t seem to figure this out.

SO is the wiring issue with the connection to the Arduino or to the power supply?

I used the same drivers. I purchased a screw shield for the Arduino. Run 5+ volts to the step and direction +. Run the step and direction - to the associated Arduino pin.

The only thing I see is the Amazon page says those drivers are H-bridge drivers and that GRBL page says that GRBL doesn’t support H bridge drivers but I have no experience with these, just reading words.

To repeat my question, what part of the wiring is an issue?

The GRBL restriction applies to directly driving an H bridge configuration, These drivers should be OK as they have STEP and DIRECTION inputs.

I believe I figured most of it out, hopefully.

But do I need to configure anything new wthin the arduino or gbrl?

You have a picture on your set up?

Also what did you buy exactly? Link to it?

this diagram help me wire my system and i used an arduino Uno.

x-axis.pdf (454.0 KB)

Router Schematic.pdf (2.0 MB)

B.F. You are my real best friend.

Thanks that’s 100% what I needed

I’m a little confused about having two for y axis.

Do I need to switch the wires around like how they are currently on the x carve?

I get that i daisy chain the negative wires together to the ground. And same for the power from supply. The 2 a’s and the 2 b’s to motor.

But, The pulse (step) wire for both y axis go into pin 3 on arduino?? And both direction wires from driver to pin 6? And then all four stepper motor drivers Ena+ to pin 8 (Stepper enable/disa) on Arduino?

This is what I’m confused on.

There;s an excellent write up on stepper motors, drivers and power supplies on the Geckodrive website. They recommend that wiring from the power supply to the drivers should be a star connection i.e. separate wires directly from the power supply connection to each stepper driver and not daisy chained.

The STEP and DIRECTION signals from the Arduino/shield can be directly connected to the Y axis stepper drivers. The TB6600 spec shows shows that input current is very low - less than 1ma at 5V.

         -----------Power & motor----------------------

if you have four of SMAKN® TB6600 connected each one to step motor.
Power supply connected to each one.


X-axis you can connected one TB6600 to arduino (2-Step) & (5-Dir)
Y-axis you can connected two TB6600 to arduino (3-Step) & (6-Dir)
Z-axis you can connected one TB6600 to arduino (4-Step) & (7-Dir)

Hi Recently I upgrade to TB6600 drivers to stepper with below method of Wiring
steppers moving in only one direction what I am missing I did check every wire connected properly can anyone help me why steppers not moving both directions
I have adruino with 1.0 firmware

X-axis you can connected one TB6600 to arduino (2-Step) & (5-Dir)
Y-axis you can connected two TB6600 to arduino (3-Step) & (6-Dir)
Z-axis you can connected one TB6600 to arduino (4-Step) & (7-Dir)
these are Step + & Dir + to adruino and Step- and Dir- are connected to Adruino ground

If a stepper move only in one direction then 1 of the 4 stepper wires dont have contact.
With only 3 good wires power/step is as normal but direction is lost. Direction will typically be in direction of least resistance.

4 wires of stepper I did check with multi meter from driver interface getting continuity.
As I thought you mean adruino dir+pin not contact with Dir+ tb6600 driver ? I did try and check wires all connected. youmean I need check once motor 4 wires to driver from this one is not contact upto driver?
Thankyou for reply

Can you one more help please If we have new Adruino should we need to add GRBL library in Adruino software I have doubt maybe steppers not moving both directions I had checked all wiring is correct or maybe the TB6600 drivers are not working.