Please Help with Set-up

If someone was willing/able to help us get this up and running, we would be very grateful. We are a Chicagoland company that built our x-carve, but we are still having issues.

Willing to pay (of course). Hourly would be preferred since we don’t know how long it will take.

Please help us get this up and running.

Wish I was close. What seems to be the issue?

post pics and as much detail as you can get and we will help. :slight_smile:

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everything is hooked up, but we cannot get the z-axis to catch. at first, it was slipping, then we took it all apart, and then it started grinding, so we loosened it back up, and now its slipping again. x and y both run, but slip (a lot!)
I realize x and y are most likely belt tension, and thats an easy fix, but z is really got us confused. We just don’t have enough time to devote to problem solving this part by part. Any help is appreciated.

Do you have set screws in the motor that holds the belt?? Mine slips all the time when the set screws pop out from time to time(no idea why) but that always fly solution

@SeanNaylor If you have a dremal, grind a little flat spot in the ACME rod. It doesn’t have to be very big,just enough to seat the screw on. Get some blue lock tight, and an M3x6 button head(Home Depot). I could be wrong on the length but I think that’s it. Couldn’t hurt to get a bag each size on either side of that. When you tighten the screws down give it a couple drops of lock tight and make sure it seats on the flat spot. You ahould be good to go. The motor should already have a flat spot. If not give it one as well.

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A video would really help to determine where the slipping is coming from.

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Thanks for the heads up!! My machine only loses the set screws when I calculate something wrong and the machine goes crazy (early on in trial and error owning It). Right now I haven’t screwed up or had issues in a while

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Use threadlocker on those set screws to keep them from popping out.

Make sure its the blue stuff.

There should be 2 set screws. You will need to make sure they are very tight. Otherwise they will back off and make the pulley loose.

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I will def add some of this!! Thanks guys! I’m thinking that might be @ChristopherGerke issue too

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I agree.


The red is for permanent installations and will need a fair amount of heat if you EVER want to take things apart. —and you probably will at some point.

The blue has enough snoose to hold things in place, yet comes apart with normal hand tools.

–edit-- I just re-read @StephenCook’s post and he does mention this, Sorry for jumping the gun, Steven.

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Ya I think we all mentioned that. But reassurance can’t hurt.

It just occurred to me. Maybe these posts wouldn’t be so long if the info wasn’t repeated 15 times. :joy:

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Where in Chicagoland are you located?

I agree. But several posts in a row repeating the exact same information just makes it a PITA to read. Some threads are hundreds of comments long. And most of it is repeat info


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We are off of Roosevlet just at the edge of Chicago and Cicero/Berwyn.