Please help with tuning


Just finished my build today! Took a few days since I wanted to do everything perfectly. It was a great build despite a few missing screws(4xM5 x 25). So today I followed the tuning and calibration tutorial aswell, adjusting the z axis and tightening the belts.

Now my problems as of now are:

  • The Y axis seems to have some trouble moving… Its loud and sluggish, though no skips on the belt…
    Ive read that I should increase the voltage on the gShield. By how much? I don’t want to over do it.

  • The first cut I tried lost its X position by about 5-6 mm. What could have caused something like this?

  • Does anyone else have any additional calibration and tuning advice? This was a big investment for me and I just want to make sure it lasts me a while and that its as accurate as possible!

Thanks for your time!

Kind regards, N

all that you need to do is take the cover off the gshield and adjustthe current potentiometers clockwise by 1/8 turn incriments untill the motors move smoothly. if they still make alot of noise when moving smoothly your belts may be a bit too tight.

What about the issue on the X axis? Where the design gets displaced on the next depth pass?

That sounds like you need to adjust the current potentiometer

To what extent? The design gets displaced by about 5-6mm…

You can adjust The x axis potentiometer clockwise 1/8 turn and try an easel project as a sample

After you get the pots dialed in, you can calibrate the steps/mm of your steppers to dial in the accuracy. There’s a video in the linked post, as well as a description I added on how to change the settings in Easel.