Please help xcarve losing steps

I made sure everything is receded properly but it just keep loosing the steps and making weird sound. Please see video.

It is loosing steps / motor stalls. (weird sound)
This can be due to single flaw in your setup or a combination of several minor issues that accumulate.

If you have an Arduino/Shield setup - make sure your stepper potentiometers are adjusted correctly (Current limiters)
If you do have the Arduino I think this may be the cause.

If you have the XController it comes predialed in and should not require readjustment.

Other single point failures may be:
1 - Belt pulley spin on motor shaft (Check and reseat set screws, secure with blue LocTite) I dont think this is it in your case since two axis fail)
2 - Wheels not rolling smoothly, inspect assembly and readjust.
When moved about by hand it should feel firm/tight yet move freely (remove belts for this)

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I calibrate it the potentiometers and its working OK, i will do some more cutting tomorrow and see how well it does. I will probably order the X-controller everyone says its worth it.

I have a problem, machine is working fine, at least it looks like, but when it finished, I can see, spindle returns to a different point zero, usually under the original start point?, Losing steps?, potentiometers are well callibrated and gears ar soft and tight as they have to be, do I need to upload a new controller for arduino or something like that, thanks in advance!!!

Under as in below your original zero on Z axis? If that’s the case, maybe jog your Z up and down and see if it gets hung up…

Maybe when the spindle is rising (to move to the next work area) it’s getting jammed up and not getting as high as the system thinks it is. So, then when it returns home it counts it’s way back down which would be below your start. Maybe the grub screw on the Z pulley is loose or missing.

Mike thanks for answering me, sorry, I meant to say not below but lower? or before? de zero original, Y coordinate is missing

Hey Mr Phil!!! how are You, sorry to bother You as always, Yes they are calibrated, now it’s working again, my guess, it is a problem with the rails, screws loses, cause blue loctite it is not available in Colombia, so I bought a similar product no effective, I think I’m going to change nuts, for, tohers, do u recommend me a better versión? Happy Memorial day, by the way.

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Jogging the rail would still produce similar results. just other things come into play, like v-wheels getting hung up, belt tension, and the pulley still comes into play.

I remember when one time I heard what sounded like metal rubbing against metal… yes worse than fingernails on a chalk board. One of my v-wheels were gone :slight_smile: I’m sure it’s in that great sawdust bag in the sky.

While in easel, act like you are going to carve something, set it to 1 inch movement, make sure it travels that far. Look for anything that doesn’t seem smooth, and by all means look for missing grub screws.

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great I will do that

Just trying to help, by sharing issues that I have came across.

Heck one time the acme screw on Z was giving me a problem (well that was what I originally thought).

Sure it was a tight on the screw, but the real problem was a missing grub screw on the pulley. So, at the slightest load, it would slip and my xcarve couldn’t find it’s home (well it thought it was home). In reality, it created what resembled the grand canyon through my project.

These guys ain’t playing when they say loctite those grubs.

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Mr Phil, is that the commerce reference, to get them from amazon?

hahaha I’m tired of big cannyons in my works!!, and U know, face that you put when the bit is going anywere it wants

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Ok I get it, thank You!

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[quote=“PhilJohnson, post:15, topic:32450”]
I have one more pulley to swap. They all stripped (the Allen wrench part). One I only had a stub sticking out. I tack welded a spare Allen wrench on it and got it out. [image]

Mr Phil, You are awesome!!, I changed every screws, and now it is running smoothly! thanks again

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