Please help!

So, I am new to this whole CNC thing and the hardest thing to learn is the program part of it. I downloaded the V carve trial version and tried to download one of their projects. So I have done everything they tell me to and when I try to import it into the Easel program I get this error:

"Line 727: M02
The file contains invalid G-code syntax.
You must use one of our official post-processors in order to import external gcode.’

Can someone help me out?

I assume easel could handle M02 but it’s just “end-of-program” so you could always open the file and delete it.

Thank you. I got ahold of inventables and he was able to remote in and get it going for me.

Now, problem 2, if you can help. I’m trying to figure out what is the best program to use. I have been playing with V carve desktop, but I can’t make changes and carve it. Because I have the trial version.

So if you have any suggestions that would be great. Not looking to break the bank.

Thanks in advance

Fengrave is a free v carving program. Fusion 360 is a free CAD/CAM solution.

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I use Vcarve desktop
I set the output to NC files and easel runs them fine.
I do not use UGS as it causes my z to do strange distances and its broken a bit on me. :frowning:

Check out kirimoto. I’ve had a good experience(and it’s free!) and I feel like it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

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