Please Publish a Assembly Video on This!

I love my machine, but it’s really out of square and the shapeoko Forum information is very confusing and conflicting. Can we please get a video on calibration and squaring soon?

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Here’s a test pattern you can run to see how off it is, just download the .txt file and rename it .nc to get a runnable g-code file.:

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Here’s a good test pattern. I used it to check my SO2 and like the results.

I really appreciate the great info and tests here, thanks you. What I am looking for though is an actual video of the actual squaring and callibration of the X Carve that the Inventables team mentioned they would be working on, more of a hands on approach than complicated tests. More actual working on adjusting the machine itself. Also would like to see it done specific to the x carve as though its a shapeoko offspring, there’s a lot of new X Carve specific parts. The z Axis is much different as well as the way the waste board works with the larger machine, The placement of where the X axis ties into the Y is centered differently. Though the specific issues might be similar in principle they are also different and just like all technology have evolved. My hope is for someone with Inventables to put out a video because quite frankly I really like all the other videos they have done. They keep it simple and easy to follow, Call me lazy but I like learning by watching a more hands on approach, seeing it done as it is being done,

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Hi @DonDespain, we just posted a tuning video in the last step of the instructions. Check it out here.


Thank You Very Much!

Thanks for adding that new video, I’m excited to get to the fine tuning on my machine. I noticed there is still no mention on leveling the waste board, which is pretty key. Looking at the design of the machine I’ve not seen that process accounted for, so I’m a bit concerned, and growing more concerned as the thread on this topic has not had an official response. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Making my first full-depth cuts yesterday at least showed me that the center of mine is higher than the lower-left.