Please send me a picture of the spindle's toggle-switch?

I have the 1000 mm & DeWalt 611.

Haven’t figured out where/how to set the spindle power supply toggle-switch to “logic”… So that I can make the power Automatic. Would someone kindly send me a picture of this?

Many thanks, in advance!

Do you have some sort of a relay that controls your 120v line to your 611 or are you using something like super PID?

If you have the 611 plugged straight into a wall outlet, extension cord, or power strip, you wont be able to control your Dewalt without adding additinal hardware.

Yes, I’m just plugging the 611 into the wall (power outlet). I didn’t realize additional hardware would be needed for that option - thanks for the tip (thought I was going crazy, looking for it).

You need something like this:

This can take a signal from your controller that activate a relay rated for the power a router require.
On your controller you have a “Spindle” signal output, this goes into the IOT Signal Input side.