Please VOTE for more intuitive Fusion 360 design and interaction accessibility for our machines

After wrestling with a few of my own comprehension and conversion issues, I have begun to add a few requests from the Fusion 360 team at Autodesk.

I am certain that many things have “work arounds”. However, as I am under the belief that the “Maker Movement” is an important one, which is changing the shape of our future, I believe that it is important that a few accommodations should be made to prevent exclusion from our methods and tooling (routers instead of spindles, tool holders vs nuts, etc).

These things may seem simple. But, for a beginner, there may be a few CAM considerations which can stifle thousands of potential productions.

Therefore, I am hoping that there may be some voter participation to make things easier for our (and future hobby level machinists) overall accessibility.

Please vote for our community interests. :smile:

Thank You for your consideration.

1.) SVG EXPORT option everywhere there is a DXF

2.) Add “V Bits” - Tool Management

3.) Please add “Spindle Type” dialog box or menu in Tool Library

4.) Make Tutorials for Fusion 360 “Base Users” who may be converted to Paid Users

5.) “Shoulder” on/off check block - Tool Management