Plug Question

Can someone please tell me what kind of plug goes in here?

Pretty sure it’s a 3.5mm pitch pluggable screw terminal.

Check this one.

3.5mm, 7 conductor, 14-30 AWG plug.



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I haven’t actually used any of these, but from various manufacturer’s datasheets it appears that they are not stackable.

If its a new Xcontroller, it should have come with one. I just recieved and assembled mine before Christmas, and it included all 4 plugs. I actually just hooked up an Iot Relay to that very plug.


Note - that one is 5.08mm pitch, it will not fit the X-controller!

Also, I have 10 of those if anyone needs one :slight_smile:

I’m having a bitch of a time sourcing the 3.5mm kind that doesn’t involve a slow boat and 3 weeks wait.

Why couldnt they have gone with the 5.08mm version that’s all over the place…

I dont have the Xcontroller so dont know the plug dimensions for that one - but for those who use other drivers like DM542 and the likes need the 3.81mm pitch plugs.
Add some ferrules to that and you are good to go :slight_smile:

Based on the information in this thread:

3.5mm pitch, 7position Phoenix Contact connector, I found this product on digi-key:

It’ll arrive in a few days, hopefully I can confirm this works with the xcontroller.

Did it work?