Plunge point moving after upgrade

So I’ve successfully upgraded from 500x500 to 1000x1000. Everything seems to be functioning fine, except for one issue I’ve noticed. The point where the bit enters the material is moving/shifting. Below you can see what I mean. The circle is perfectly formed except the entry point is moving. Any advice? Tried a two different endmills, same thing. Loose Z axis maybe? Out of square?

Tool deflectio & more “give” on your X/Y axis.

Make another circle, say 1/4" deep. Once completed run the same code, to 1/8" depth at half the speed as before.
You will see that the 2nd carve will extend the overall diameter of the circle ever so slightly compared to the 1st carve.

Ok, not home to check right now. But probably movement in the spindle carriage on the x-axis? check wheels i guess is the first step? anything else i should look out for?

That looks like the bid is defecting during the higher load of the initial plunge in.

I assume you used the new single gantry for your upgrade?
First check to make sure all the wheel are tightened properly. Take a close look at the Z axis.

You can also try adjusting your plunge settings so that it is slower during the initial plunge cut.
(For 2D operations I usually default my plunge cut settings to 20 in/min)

I found that when mine was doing that, my gantry was a bit too tight, not loose…AND, perhaps even more the plunge rate was TOO HIGH. Once I slowed that down my bits stopped deflecting.