Plywood HELP!

Does anyone have any idea the best way to cut out plywood minimizing all the chips you get unlike a scroll saw? Maybe a downward bit? Or a good speed, any feed rate? I have tried many utube videos and forums with almost the same results. I just want to cut out 1/2 or thinner plywood without fighting to sanding so much of the frills and bit causing some tear out.Using a 16th bit for finer detail also :point_left: :point_left:

I use compression Bits for MDF and Plywood Cutouts. For cutouts I would not reccomend going smaller than 1/8" and that is the smallest size that afordable compression bits come in. Here is my go-to compression bit. (it’s 22mm long which also allows or cutting out 3/4" thick stock too! )

ok I order some and see if it helps.

maybe they’ll fix the image upload function one of these days, until then… here’s a birch plywood 24" tall USMC rank that I cut a bit ago with the same bits :slight_smile: Login • Instagram

One thing to note about compression bits…

For a compression bit to work as designed, the initial pass depth (i.e. all depths per pass if using Easel) needs to be deeper than the transition from up-cut to down-cut on the compression bit. Otherwise, you will be initially cutting into the material with only the up-cut portion of the bit and the results could be the same as what you are experiencing now.


Brandon Parker


The devil is in the details. I forgot to include this bit on info, Yes very true! For the bit I linked to that depth is just about 1.4mm btw

1.4mm? That’s really small.

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Not sure if the image import is working yet, so here’s a drive link for the image as well

I saw the pic on Amazon. I was just surprised.

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