Plywood with beech and Epoxy


I am from Germany and bought some plywood with coated beech approx 0.65mm thick on both sides.

On this material I carved some text and then I used Epoxy from a professional supplier and colored it in black .

After that (just to let you know that I am doing it the first time with Epoxy) I filled the carved text with the black Epoxy.

I am not sure if this is not the correct way , or the material is not the correct one to use, but it sucked the black colored epoxy or my only the color into the material.

The Epoxy is from a German supplier and also the color paste not powder is from the same supplier, so everything is from one supplier. Also the correct mixing is used 1:2

I have no idea what I made wrong. My assumption is that the material is to soft and can therefore suck the material into?

Any recommendation or thoughts for a beginner?

Thanks in advance

seal the wood with a couple of coats of shellac first, will help prevent that

Is there a specific shellac what I should use ? I would test this on one piece . Not sure how long it will take to dry …

Would sanding sealer also work?

I use Zinsser Bulls Eye spray found at Lowes, home depot dries, real quick and no need to sand between coats.

yes should work fine

I usually spray with a sealer or varathane before i epoxy. Dont be shy. It wont bleed after that.