Pocket bottoms bad

I have ugly uneven bottoms in my pocket cuts. Wheels are adjusted, screw is greased, and very little runout (checking with dial indicator).

But - when I lift straignt up on the router - I can see and feel about a 1/32 move up and the bearing is actually visibly coming up.

So my question is - could the combination of dust boot brush and the upward play be the reason? How to fix it?

Thanks - James

Aha! But do you get fairly flat bottoms without toolmarks?


Did it fix stuff like this:

I had similar issues. I watched the dust collection and saw the problem. As the machine changes direction, the bristles are stiff enough to push up on the router. Now I adjust my dust collection system to where the bristles are barely touching the surface. Ever since I did that, the bottom of my pockets have been smooth as silk.

Try that and see what happens.


Wow! Thanks for the reply. I will try that right away!

Let me know if it fixed it.

Well - I really did not believe that the brush could be the cause - BUT - YES! It is like night and day difference!

Thanks everybody!!

Working on that - Thanks!