Pocket carved in wrong area

Trying to produce the custom card playing box. When milling the underside pocket the carving is offset. Instead of being centered on the 5"x 7" piece of wood it too far over to the right and North of center. Nothing seems to be slipping. Could this be a GRBL issue? I know nothing about GRBL. Thanks

What program are you using to make the G-Code?
Is it just the one pocket that is affected? Or all carves?
How much is it shifted? Could it be a “Inside / Ouside / On the line” option issue?

Im using Easel. I grabbed the files that were posted in the project section. On the short there is 12/32" to the edge on the other side 24/32".

I spent some time wiring up new X controller today. Lets see of that takes care of problem or introduces new ones. Just a few connections away.

Put together new X controller and got it working with X Carve . No matter what I try using the files posted by the creator of the playing card box the pocket carves in the wrong place, which is obviously a problem. I notice that when I stop the carve the machine does not go back to home. My machine is carving all shapes and letters fine.

Please share your Easel project so the community can take a look.

the cherry box was using the supplied file. The test scrap was from file I made in Easel.

Not going home at all or is the “new” home position shifted the same as the cut location?

Is the file just GRBL files? If it’s like a solidworks file or something, you need to reposition the “origin” marker…

Basically, the machine goes from the “origin” placement in the file… This tells the machine that this spot is where the spindle is. If you center the origin in the center-top of the work, then the box will be cut out centered to the spindle, because the tool-paths are using that origin as the starting reference point.