Pocket Question

So I want to cut a 2" x 2" pocket 1/2" deep but I want the sides to be at 45 degree angle with flat bottom where the angle ends. I’m thinking cut with v-bit to 1/2" doc (outline), change to 1/4" flat bit and cut the rest of center section flat, but how do I figure out where to start flat section cut? or even where to start v-bit cut so outer edge is 2" x 2". Any suggestions?


cut the pocket with the flat tool, then just add an engraving (toolpath without tool radius compensation) around its circumference with the v-bit. Its very simple - you don’t need to care about the v-bits diameter.

(Start with the pocket - this reduces the workload for the v-bit)



In V-Carve, you would v-carve the vector and select your 1/4" flat bit as the flat area clearance tool, and set the flat depth to 1/2" deep.

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