Pocket trouble

I set up a 4x4 square with a depth of .01 with hopes to show which way my machine needed trammed. You can see from the image that I seem to have something else going on. I have upgraded my z axis to the cnc4newbie slider, direct drive, 270oz stepper from automation technology (do I need to mess with z axis pot?) with hopes of smoothing out pocket cuts but it seems to be worse. I have tried checking the v wheels on the x axis and they all seem pretty tight. I don’t notice any play. The image shows the depth seems to get deeper as it moves from side to side. Has anyone seen anything like this before? Any suggestions?

Here is a quick way to atleast establish which way the tilt is:

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I have done this test and it seems pretty close. The pattern I am seeing seems to be something different. Could the bit be flexing? It looks like it starts to move left and is high but by the time it reaches the end it has settled to the correct depth then when i starts moving right it is high again and settles by the time it reaches the other end.