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Points on either side of a line for inlay

I imported a line drawing from Inkscape to cut lines in an instrument top to inlay brass wire. Easel has placed edit points on either side of the line, so it cuts the line wider than the bit that I am using as well as making the cut take twice as long. I am unable to delete the lines on one side. Any ideas?

Share your file for us to look at, can you select fill? how is it set currently? cut on path. When you zoom in on the preview side does it show easel carving 2 separate lines?

Here is the full drawing and a close up of one of the lines.

When I imported it in to Inkscape and traced it, it traced the outline of the line.

That’s how trace works. Break it apart and delete the one you don’t want.

You should be able to click on the nodes then start deleting them to remove one of the lines