Polish fonts

I’ve got a problem with polish fonts. There is lack of ą ó ć ś ć ż ź ę ł in standard free fonts.

The next think is that there is no font made from one vector lines. After resizing of any font there I’m getting thicker lines.
As You see in this O. There are two paths instead of one.

Yes these are issues because in most cases, localization is usually an afterthought for US software developers, I face some of these issues in French but probably not as bad because most of our characters are shared with Spanish.

One workaround you can consider is to use Inkscape (or similar program) to write your text as the software accesses your system fonts, convert the text to vectors, save as an SVG file then import it into Easel.

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Hey @Polaski
We are looking into better supporting international characters in both free and Pro font suite. Some fonts do not support international characters, while others do.
As a fellow Pole that is something I keep in mind while developing Easel. I have personally successfully carved using Berkshire Swash font with Polish characters - you can try that and use a Free Day to carve your design.

Pozdrowienia od zespołu deweloperskiego Inventables,