Polygon generator- what am I doing wrong?

When I click on the Polygon Generator, I can’t seem to change the values. What am I doing wrong?

Awesome. I tried to click on the other ‘generators’ and can’t seem to change anything. I am obviously not doing it right or using the right internet browser. I am using the windows 10 edge. I will see if I get the same result on chrome.

Chrome works. I see slides which can be moved. Now I know. This will definitely help!

Do you have an ad blocker on Edge? Those can sometimes interfere with Easel’s functionality.

Edge is what is wrong with that picture.

Funny. I had put off going to Windows 10 for a few months now but finally allowed my computer to install it. I would note that I was having the same issue with Internet Explorer before going to Windows10/Edge. I was not seeing the slide bars. I see them now with the Chrome software.