Pop goes the Weasel - Faulty Spindle

So running some cuts tonight and this happened:

The cut was just about complete, and then the cut goes off path, the bit breaks and Robert is your father’s brother!

I’ve done all the usual checks, belts, v-wheels, wire connections, stepper current pots, etc. all fine. I stopped this job, installed a new bit and the job completed just fine.

One of my biggest reasons for suspecting a faulty spindle is I wear hearing protection that has a mic that allows sound through below a certain decibel (HERE). This feature is great, but it’s pretty sensitive to electrical noise, my daughters baby monitor has even caused interference with these.

I know that this faulty spindle usually shows itself pretty soon, but to be honest I haven’t put a ton of time in on my X-Carve, maybe 20-30 hours and that’s a high estimate.

I’m a little disappointed to see that the stock spindle isn’t even offered anymore when you configure a new machine which, when I pre-ordered I would have definitely chosen the Dewalt 611 and mount option and now even more so after reading all the forum posts.

Just a little frustrated and wanted to share my issue. Looks like I’ll be giving Inventables a call/email tomorrow.

I guess I forgot to elaborate on the hearing protection/electrical noise point I made above (sorry it was late at night!). When I would have my head close the machine I’d start to hear interference, which was odd since this hasn’t happened in the past.

Yep, sounds like the standard spindle story. I kind of wish they would have done that from the get-go as well, would have saved me some cash, but live and learn I guess. You won’t regret the DeWalt upgrade!

Thanks! I was eventually planning on upgrading to a 800w VFD spindle but I wanted to wait a bit to recoup some costs from the initial purchase! I probably should have just done it right off the bat like you mentioned, it’s a lot easier to justify spending the extra $300 - $400 when you are already spending $1800 (once all the conversion to CAD, shipping and brokerage fees I think is was closer to $2100).

Hopefully I can work something out with Inventables.

The people that bought there machine with a standard spindle fall into 2 groups. Those that have had the spindle fail and those that will have it fail.

I under stand why inventables started with a low cost DC motor with a collet adapter attached to the shaft. To keep the price of the machine low. They have found that they made a mistake and now the standard spindle is a 611 trim router and this is good for new buyers.

Rusty sorry to hear of you lose.


Like @DanBrown said, you live you learn. All is good now, Inventables is sending out a replacement and also threw in the Dewalt mount for my future upgrade! Thanks guys!

Awesome, good to hear! Inventables has been awesome to work with for me as well, they’re good people. :smile:

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Agreed, one of the main reason I purchased the X-Carve. Great company, great community!

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