Popping sound and now no spindle

I turned on my XCP last night and was getting ready to do a cut. As soon as I started the spindle I heard a pop come from the case and then The spindle stopped and won’t turn back on. I opened up the case to make sure there wasn’t anything wrong inside and saw that the VFD is showing E.EEE. From what I’m seeing this is an error code and now what its supposed to display. I have a ticket open, but any suggestions until they get back to me?

looks like a CPU fault, contact Inventables

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You could try powering it down completely for a few minutes and then power it back up. If the fault remains, it is likely a board level failure. Did you smell anything like burned electronics around the VFD after it happened or even now? Even if it powers back up and operates normally, it is likely, in my experience with much larger VFD’s, that it will fault/fail again.


Brandon Parker


It ended up being a bad vfd. I found a replacement on amazon for around $100 because I couldn’t afford to be down for potential weeks. I’m still waiting on Inventables to send me a new one for a backup.

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