Portable dance floor

I am using my X-Carve to make precise 30"x30" panels out of 3/4 Maple Faced and Hard Finished plywood I re-purposed from fabric display cases acquired through a Hancock Fabrics store closing. (I may re-purpose those panels eventually for X-Carve projects)
I am trying to come up with hardware to quickly connect and disconnect these panels that make a snug secure finish for an outdoor 25’ x 25’ dance floor. (100 panels)
Can anyone recommend hardware for this use? I have been looking for weeks and cannot come up with a workable solution. Thank you!

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Hmmm. My first thought was magnets but those might not be strong enough and too hard to pull apart if they were strong enough.

Maybe you could do a tongue and groove type system kinda like this - http://www.trenomat.de/uploads/pics/NutUndFeder.jpg and they use a cam lock - http://www.sicoasia.com/images/categories/Cam-LockDFx237.jpg

It looks like these have some sort of rubber connectors - http://hurflooring.com/assets/images/portable-dance-floor-tiles.jpg

I would try making a router template for bow ties. Key it so it lines up on the sides perfect. Cut a bunch of bow ties with the X-Carve. If not bow ties, something similar.

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That’s a good idea. How would you get them out when it was time to move the floor?

I would route the pocket into the bottom of the panel. Lay a panel down with a bow tie and place the next panel next to it, etc. They don’t have to be super tight fitting. The shape will keep the panels from sliding apart.

The bow ties probably wouldn’t be able to deal with an uneven floor

seem to use a ball puzzle joint, and

use coffin keys

This is the search I used to come up with them

Coffin locks.

What about a uniform puzzle joint? That way, there are only edge pieces and all the interior pieces are interchangeable, making setup quick.

Great ideas friends! I will do a test on these and see which might work. Thank you so much for your help. This is a great community!