Porter Cable spindle?

Does the spindle mount used for the DeWalt tent to work on other routers? I have a Porter-Cable 450PK (http://www.portercable.com/Products/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=24108)

Is it worth trying to see if that fits out of the box? Or just save the hassle and order it with the DeWalt?

Thanks in advance!

The 450 will work but it has no speed control like the Dewalt

Yeah, I did see that too. I am not familiar with how important that is. I wasn’t sure if you ever run on anything other than full speed? If that is not the case, then it seems the DeWalt would be better.

Yes, the Dewalt goes from 16,000-27,000 rpm while the PC450 is set at 27,000

Sounds good, DeWalt seems smarter

Thanks again.

Don’t forget about the SuperPID. I’d assume the PC450 would be compatible with the SuperPID.

I’m using a PC450 with a SuperPID, and it works great! Plus it’s black instead of yellow.

There you go. A SuperPID is close to $200 with shipping. A dewalt router is around $100. Having speed control down to 5000 rpm with closed loop control is definitely worth the extra $100 op.

If cost is ok personally I am moving into a water cooled spindle with VFD $200 for the spindle and controller a bit more for the hoses and liquid containment but it can be as easy as a 5 gallon bucket or complex as a pc cooling system with radiator… the noise level alone is worth the money to me. 8000-24,000 on the speed as well.

Just make sure the gantry can handle the weight of your “real” spindle. I strongly recommend you consider doing one of the stiffening mods before you install it if it weighs any more than the Dewalt.

I did both steel plate stiffening and y axis upright stiffning mods it is considerably heavier but I am pretty sure it will support it.

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Can PC450 be used with a router speed controller like Rockler Router Speed Controller?