Position readout feature request

I would love to know where the machine thinks it is when I set zeros. I secure a work piece and jog to the corner from the home position. UGCS has both machine coordinates and relative coordinates that show zero when set thus one knows that X,Y and Z are set correctly instead of guessing that they are.

I have had to rebuild and/or reset clamps because the Z positions first and then it rapids to X and Y and it does not care if a clamp, that would not be a problem except the Z moves first, and then the X and Y thus crashing.

But the main thing I want is a readout, it knows where it is and I think it would be nice if it would tell us also.

Easel does make this available: Machine -> Advanced - Machine Inspector
A pain / hidden, however it should help with what you are looking for.

It is a pain mainly because no manual control. The inspector is nice for calibration however.
Both the X and Y were off over .100" but now are within .002".
What I am looking for is a real time readout especially when setting the work zero.
That way both the machine and I know where the cutter is.