Positioning of SVG's on import and 'design bigger than work area'

Hi all,

2 issues as the title suggests.

Firstly, i’m trying to try my hand at some 2 sided milling. I’ve prepared my front and back files in illustrator.
I made the project size in illustrator the same as my work piece, ie 350x500. Regardless easel tells me the design is larger than the work area and wants to scale it. Normally i just hit cancel and continue on my way, but I really need these to sort of ‘snap’ to the lower left grid if the 2 sided thing is going to work.

Someone told me when the file and work area are the same size they just snap in nicely. That doesn’t seem to work for me :confused:

Hoping someone can give me some insight in to what i’m doing wrong. Positioning by hand isn’t really an option given the 2 sided option.

Brendan, after you import you can control the location of the SVG with the “Shape” tab. Note the 5 dots under position correspond to the 4 corners and center point of the bounding box of whatever you have selected. Meaning once a point is selected, type the X and Y coordinates you want to move the selected SVG to based on that point. Hope this helps.

Thank you!