Positioning Problems. X, Y, and Z

Hey everyone,

I recently bought my X carve and have only a few cuts under my belt. I am already running into positioning issues. I have homing switches and the dust collection attached. Prior to the cut, I just Easel for proper dimensions and units. When asked, the X carve will go to my home position no problem. I use a probe for the z axis too. When i go to carve i will use the z probe and use my home position as the (0,0) position. When i go to cut, the x carve will begin a little too far “up” the y axis and a little too far to the right on the x axis. When cutting, i have no seen a noticeable change in the cut itself. Additionally, when trying to cut out and object from the wood, the z axis does not cut all the way through the wood (i’ve even set the depth slightly higher so it SHOULD cut deeper than necessary. When the cut is finished, i expect the bit to move back to the original home position, however, it does not. (it actually comes two 'Units" shy in both the x axis and y axis.) Any help would be appreciated

Have you verified if you tell it to move 10" dose it actually move 10", how did you set your belt tension and check all your v wheels to be sure they are not loose. They should have slight resistance on the rail.