What am I missing here?

I line the center of my tool with the lower left corner of my project board but my carves are way off center… like 1/8 inch?

not sure.

need more info than this.

is your machine calibrated? when you move the max distance you can measure accurately did the machine move the exact amount that you told it to?

What software are you using, did it account for bit size? inside cut outside cut etc etc.

with some more information it would be easier to help but hopefully this will start the logical thoughts to start the process.

I’m a Cnc machinist so used to picking up the edge of stock.

Using easel.


Cutting correct size

Just wanted to engrave something centered on a board but keep ending up off center

Sounds like your machine isn’t square.

Thanks Chris, but it is square.

I think I’ll switch to UGS and see if I get better results

How would UGS give you any different results in this situation?

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Is your Easel project zero’d to the left corner? Sometimes it looks like it is but could be 1/8th from the x/y… which would then throw off your center…

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