Possibilities of 10kg / 22lbs equipement on Z-axis


I am new on this forum and I discovered X-Carve not so long ago. I searched in the forum my answer but could not find it. So i create a new discussion…
I am currently thinking about using X-carve (1000x1000) but for another application that would require a weight on the motorized Z-Axis around 10kg, ie 22lbs equipment. I found on the forum that some spindle could go until 7-10 lbs which is still far from what I want.
My question is the following: is it possible to reach on the Z-axis a maximal weight of 22lbs with x-carve? Does it exist upgrades to match these requirements?

I thank you in advance for your replies.

Can you open that a little bit. What do you want to hang on Z axis. Special spinner or something else.

I would like to hang a laser head for a specific surface treatment.

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Inventables have new prototype with single piece X axis rail. Seems the solution for your need. Existing two piece maker slide will not carry that heavy equipment. Or better to say might give you focus problems if Rail starts flexing.
also couple of friends in this forum ordered open source solid single rail for the X-Carve. You may want to search by typing X axis stiffness.

The flex in the X-Axis should be able to be mitigated using the various stiffening methods such as the steel bar, the aluminum plate on top and bottom bolted together, or the makeshift I-beam some users have shared. I would think the biggest problem with such a heavy load on the Z-Axis would be a rigid enough connection not only between your carriage and X-Axis but also the connection between the Z-Axis and the carriage.

For heavy loads I would think one of the better methods would be the openbuilds C-Beam style gantries with wheels both on the inside of the rails as well as the outside to provide multiple points of support. With these wheels properly adjusted and tightened down there should be virtually no play in the carriage or the connection between the axes. The only real problems you’ll face at that point are the true stiffness of your rails and how much twist or deflection you can live with.

22lbs is a lot for a gantry style.
For really heavy loads a XY table design may work better.
In a XY table the z axis is fixed, only moving up and down, so no flex, and the table underneath moves around. The down side is you need a much larger workspace for the table movement area.

If you look at professional laser cutters, gas lasers with water cooling. They keep the laser stationary and put mirrors on the gantry setup to move the beam. That approach would work much better with the X-Carve.

Pictures when your done would be awesome!!