Possible to change zoom in and out to a scroll or 1” to 1,000 along bottom?

Hi everyone. Quick question for you all. Is it possible to change the 1” increments into 1,000”? Or when you zoom change it so it doesn’t zoom in and out as quickly. Maybe so it scrolls in and out. ? Thanks everyone.

This is not really an EASEL “thing” most likely …

Are you using Windows? In the event you are just go to your Control Panel>Mouse configuration window (ask Cortana for it if you have Windows 10).

Select the “Wheel” tab and check to see what your Vertical Scrolling setting is. My settings are both 3 and that is pretty decent for my zooming in/ out needs and/ or page scrolling interests. I tested it with the Vertical Scrolling setting at 15 and it went from being zoomed all the way out to zooming into about 4 inches in EASEL.

This would be my first place to check if you are using Windows; if you aren’t then disregard everything I’ve said. :slight_smile:


Brandon Parker

Thank You Brandon. I will check it out. Same last night so you must be cool. :joy: