Possible to convert an JPEG image to a relief carving in Easel?

Is there a way in Easel to take a JPEG image and convert it so a 2D or 3D relief caving can be made? I have an X-Carve 1000 and Easel Pro, thanks…Ken.

Hello, I’m new here and beginner, but I’ve found a tool you can import in Easel simply called Image.
I think it’s what you need

no, however there are tools to convert height maps to 3D data.
Regular photograps are not height maps and therefor will give you undesired results.

I got it, thanks. What about just using the outline of a photo image. Is there an easy way to do that?

playing with gamma, brightness and contrast and going to B&W will help outline filters . As for “height maps”, I’m trying to separate layers of different grey shades and give them different depths… Sometimes I have to manually change. A “hole” will be dark and so carve deep but black hair should stay , so I give it lighter grey…