Possible to pick up instead of ship to avoid some shipping cost?

Hi, first off Awsome forum! I have been cruzing it for a while and have learned so much. I am still on the fence but want to pull the trigger and purchase. Think i will get my garage situated for it first.

Anyway im new here so forgive me if this has already been covered but. Is it possible to just pick up straight from warehouse or manufacturer. Im some what close to Chicago and stay with family downtown there often. So to avoid cost couldnt i just pick it up? Or am i way off. Is this thing shipped from china like most everything else?

The xcarve does NOT come from the C.H.Ina company, it comes out of good old chicago, Ill. U.S.A.

I have heard of folks picking it up @ the warehouse, give them a call and they can direct you on how this is done.

It’s not just a CNC machine, it’s an adventure, a community, and a real blast if you like to tinker, modify and be creative.

Welcome to the family. if you pull that trigger.

Awsome thanks for the info. I think im gonna pull the trigger. Its kinda of pricy for my budget but Im a machinist by trade, curently a sheet metal mechanic by profession and a wood worker by hobbie. I love it all so i know this will fit right in my wheele house.

I am in central Wisconsin. When I asked, they indicated that I was able to pick up my X-Carve if I wanted FYI - as a metal worker, you want to consider fabricating a custom table. Here is a link to a thread with a pic of my table:

Can anyone give me actual dimensions of packaging of the 1000mm x carve so i can figure out if it will fit into my trunck?

Update: I finnally ordered and picked up my x carve. Glad to report the customer service was excellent so far as accommodating my pick up. They refunded the shipping charge once i confirmed i would pick up. I even had to have them hold my order a few weeks until i could come get it. Inventables location was easy to find. Essentially right off the highway with good loading dock in a back alley. They were super helpful in helping me load too. Had to unpack the waste board but the whole thing fit in my trunk no problem. Now i am working on getting my folding table built before i start assembly.

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After you ordered and decided you were going to pick it up how long did it take for your parts to be ready ? Was it the base 6-8 weeks like normal ?

For me i think it was less than 2 weeks. Then I had to make them hold it there until I could pick it up. I believe it just mostly depends on order volume. Plus the holidays might make things slow down. I just remember I got the email that it was ready for pick up way before I thought

Awesome thanks for the response I will be picking mine up also

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