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Post-Carve Park position

OK so in Easel Pro there are the post-job park positions (the the right of the smiley/sad face icons). The one that goes far up in Y is nice as it generally Is away from my work, while parking at 0,0 is dangerous as it is often right over a clamp position (thank goodness it is easy to 3D print more clamps!) but it seems to park at 0,0 pretty far down in Z. I wouldn’t care if it was high up in Z at 0,0 but low is dangerous. Now if easel pro had no concept of parking I would accept this and if it just stopped at wherever it finished the work and went up in Z that would be fine too. But since it DOES have the concept of pre-baked park positions (the 2 buttons) it is annoying you can’t set one to be the default after a job. I’m not asking for some whole new concept of parking, just that the code references those buttons (and you pick one for the job) as to where to end up afterwards. (or if the carve setup sequence made you pick an end position by jogging that would be fine as well)